Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Lean Startup workshop coming soon

I am currently gearing up for my talk tomorrow at the Web 2.0 Expo (last day to register to go for free, incidentally). I've been working on my presentation, but also on a new project I'm planning to announce there. Readers get an early sneak peak.

My overwhelming takeaway from the most recent Lessons Learned survey is that there is tremendous hunger out there for in-depth opportunities for entrepreneurs of all stripes to develop their lean startup skills. As you can tell from recent posts, I've been experimenting with different formats and channels to try and find the best way to help. And today I am excited to announce a new experiment: the Lean Startup workshop.

I don't want to go into too much detail in this post, because (as usual) I want to invite anyone who is interested to take a new survey specifically about the workshop. It's designed to take less than ten minutes, and I appreciate those who are willing to donate their time in this way. Thank you.
Click Here to take the survey
Lurking at the end of the survey is something new. If you've been following my efforts in figuring out the best way to evangelize the lean startup, you'll know that I am trying to apply customer development principles. And if you know those principles, you may notice that I am trying to pass from the "customer discovery" phase to the "customer validation" phase. I won't say any more, for fear of ruining the data. But look for a future post on the topic using the data you all help me collect.

See you at the Expo!

NB: if you're already sold on the workshop and would like to pre-register, click here.
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  1. Hi Eric,
    I signed up already...i did notice the customer validation theme behind the survey. Do you know when will the final price be determined as I am really hoping i can bring my co-founders to the event as well.


  2. Come on Hazem, don't you read any Eric Reis? There is no conference, there is no agenda, there's no plan for one, and there's no price. That survey is the minimum viable product! And you bought it!

  3. Haha good point...it was still a good buy...i guess i am one of those earlyvangelist customers then!!