Thursday, April 11, 2019

The Leaders Guide audio book is now available for pre-order from Audible

Four years ago, I launched a Kickstarter project called The Leaders Guide. I wanted to pull together a book based on the work I'd been doing with large companies who wanted to implement Lean Startup in order to become more innovative, and Kickstarter seemed like the right place to test the idea. The project was fully funded on its first day, and my work on The Leaders Guide began.

The final product, which went out exclusively to the Kickstarter backers, was a book filled with stories and tools for leaders in large organizations to use as they started to introduce lean methodology to their organizations. And by leaders, I really mean anyone, at any level, who wants to bring change in the service of making their company a more flexible, continuously innovative place to work. A lot of the material came directly from the work I do with companies, and it was meant to be used as a manual for change. The book served as an MVP for my next book, The Startup Way, but has continued to have a thriving life of its own, too.

Now, I'm thrilled to announce that a new audio version of The Leaders Guide is available to everyone for pre-order. I've been working with Audible to record and update it, and the new edition includes all the original tips and tools in the physical book and a lot more, too. One of the additions I enjoyed most was doing a series of interviews with change leaders at large companies talking about their experiences. There's one at the end of each chapter, and they range from the early days of testing these methods to what it's like to scale them up in a large company.

Monday, March 25, 2019

Lean Startup Conference 2019

I’m excited to share the news that this year’s Lean Startup Conference has a time and place: October 23-25 at San Francisco’s Palace of Fine Arts.

I always get so much from from spending time with Lean Startup practitioners of every kind, and I love how the conference has grown from its early days. We now welcome everyone from people at startups to big companies, government, and non-profits, in all stages of finding out how Lean Startup helps them thrive in the work they do. Listening to them talk about those discoveries with everyone in attendance is always a great chance for me to learn about all the exciting--and still somehow surprising!--ways Lean Startup is diversifying more and more every year.

As always, there will be talks and panels with amazing speakers and workshops including breakout sessions with people who can guide you through all the aspects of Lean Startup. They’ll all share their unique experiences and techniques, adding to the ever-growing catalog of what Lean Startup looks like in the real world. I’ll be speaking, too--details on that still to come.

I’ll share more about the program in the coming months, including the incredible new lineup of speakers who have signed on. Meanwhile, you can get tickets here at the lowest rate we’ll offer if you register before April 30th.

I’m looking forward to welcoming all of you in October!