Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Join the Lean Startup discussion at Web 2.0 Expo for free

I'm honored to announce that my Lean Startup session at the Web 2.0 Expo has been selected as one of a few "hybrid sessions" for Web2Open, the expo unconference. What does this mean for you? Two important things:
  1. Those of you at the Expo will be able to join in an open discussion session immediately following my talk on April 1st.
  2. Everyone else can register to come to both sessions for free, including the Lean Startup talk in the main conference.
I'm excited that we'll get more than the usual few minutes of Q&A, so come with a healthy appetite for conversation.

You heard me right. You - yes, you - can enjoy a full 90 minutes of Lean Startup discussion plus all of the other cool sessions offered by the unconference, entirely for free. Plus your Web2Open pass will "give you access to Web2Open, Hybrid Sessions, Keynotes, Sponsored Sessions, the Expo Hall, and BoFs." To sign up, simply register for for the conference and use the code websf09opn during registration. If you're planning to register for the full conference (which includes Web2Open for free) and would like a discount, you can use the discount code websf09fsd. Check out a full schedule of the Web2Open unconference here.

Last, I know some people have written in with feedback (and in surveys) that they'd like to be able to come to events like this but cannot afford to make the trip. Especially in times like these, it's nice to be able to help out. If you or your company is interested in sponsoring someone with a scholarship to travel to the expo and contribute to the conversation, please leave a comment or let me know. Similarly, if you'd like to be able to come but cannot for financial reasons, please drop me a line. I'll do my best to match deserving people up with appropriate sponsors, and I'll be glad to recognize those that give on the blog and at the conference itself.

Thanks, and looking forward to a healthy dialogue. Bring your questions (or post them as comments). See you April Fool's Day (no pranks, please).

Web 2.0 Expo San Francisco 2008

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  1. Hi Eric,
    Thanks a lot for the heads up. This is a very good deal. I am wondering if your event will be streamed live (or at least you will blog about it) as I will not be able this summer to visit the US (i am currently in Canada).


  2. Thanks for the info and invite.

    Alas, the registration site just seems to give errors (for a day so far) so you might want to bug them to fix it.

  3. website works ok - you have to select the hall pass option for $100 and put in the code - then you get it for free. I'll be there!

  4. Nope, no love. It won't even get passed the registrant information screen to even get to selecting what you want to register for. Tried it with multiple browsers.

  5. Eric-

    I am an industrial design student at Virginia Tech. Although I'm not a developer, I am captivated by the lean and agile start-up model that you write about. I plan to apply these models to my own ventures, especially within new contexts separate from software and web development. The problem is that the most authentic innovators and entrepreneurs are in the Valley. I want more than anything to come to Silicon Valley after I graduate and join the vibrant ecosystem. Being a college student, I have never been to a conference or any other event where I could meet people from that world, even though I participate in the online conversation with them every day. The chance to not only be at the Web 2.0 expo, but to contribute and interact with such fascinating thinkers and creators would be beyond incredible. I would never have thought of asking for your help in connecting me with a sponsor, but since you generously offered, I would sincerely appreciate a chance to attend and participate in the Expo.

    Thank you so much for your brilliant ideas and inspiration, and I hope to meet you at the conference!


  6. Hello Eric,

    Great talk at the fb developer garage. I'm a recent grad, with emphasis in entrepreneurship, who cannot afford to go to this. I'm passionate about music (topspin like companies)and movie (jaman like companies)distribution. I always go to techrunch events as a student, but cannot anymore. Would appreciate a sponsor.

    aandarian yahoo c o m