Thursday, April 29, 2010

Video update on the Startup Visa Act

The Startup Visa Act continues to gain momentum on Capitol Hill, thanks to grassroots support of all of you. Without lobbyists or PACs, we're getting the word out in DC and nationwide that we have an opportunity to act - this year - to create jobs right here in America by supporting entrepreneurship and innovation. As bills in both chambers of Congress pick up supporters and co-sponsors, it's more important than ever for citizens who care about this issue to call, write, and tweet their representatives.

On our most recent trip to DC, the Startup Visa team produced two new videos to encapsulate our work to date, and hopefully inspire future action. They feature two of the rock stars of the Startup Visa team, Shervin and Brad, looking like, well, rock stars. Please take a look and, if you're as inspired as I am, please take a moment to help spread the word, embed these videos, or take another action outlined below. Thanks!

Shervin Pishevar, activism at 30,000 feet.
"My big belief in the Startup Visa Act: Entrepreneurship is very much representative and symbolic of what America's all about."

Brad Feld, the Startup Visa Act.
"When you think bout the economic stress and economic crisis we've been going through in this country, and you think about future economic growth, there's no question that entrepreneurship and innovation is a huge driver of future success."

Want to get involved? We have a list of ways on the StartupVisa website:
  1. Go to our campaign page & tweet your support NOW! (<30 sec)
  2. Write your local newspaper & tell them you support the Startup Visa Act
  3. Call your senators & let them know you support Startup Visa legislation
  4. Add the Startup Visa Widget to your blog or website
  5. Follow the #startupvisa hash tag on Twitter and voice your support
  6. Contribute to Startup Visa so we can spread the word!

In particular, we are also working on a letter of support from university presidents and entrepreneurship professors across academia. If you know someone who might be willing to sign on to that letter, please contact Brad Feld, who is organizing the letter.
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