Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Marc Prensky's Weblog: Cell Phones in Class

Marc's writing has been a huge influence on me in thinking through the consequences of the way the current generation of "digital natives" is educated. Are today's kids apathetic? He's argued that a kid who can't pay attention in class but can master the latest Halo in 14 straight hours doesn't have an attention problem, he or she has a boredom problem.

Among his ideas are that today's kids should be taught in class in a way that is relevant to their actual lives, which necessarily means allowing them to use technology. Why ban cell phones when we can take advantage of the fact that, in most classes, they are pervasive.

Apparently a school in Australia has taken his suggestion, and you can read all about it at Marc Prensky's Weblog: Cell Phones in Class -- A Huge Breakthrough.


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