Saturday, September 6, 2008

Greasemonkey compiler

I've been incredibly impressed by Greasemonkey, the Firefox add-on that lets you easily extend the browser with simple Javascript. I've been even more impressed by the various Greasemonkey compilers out there, that let you turn a Greasemonkey script into a full-blown Firefox extension, for easy distribution.

I know some of those compilers are no longer available (some are hosted, others are not), so I took the liberty of putting up a copy of the PHP Greasemonkey Compiler. I've made some pretty minor modifications to it, mostly in the way of simple usability changes. As I make more, you'll find them (with source) at my Greasemonkey Compiler page.


  1. I tried your compiler and it generted the XPI file but when I link to it and click the link it actually downloads the binary into my browser window instead of popping up the Firefox plugin window. Weird. BTW, it's FF 3.07

  2. if someone stumbles here. You need to set the MIME type for the .xpi file on your web server for Firefox to pick it up: