Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lo, my 18891 subscribers, who are you?

Way back when I first started blogging, I was amazed to have any subscribers at all. In fact, when I crossed the five subscriber threshold, I was moved to write about my excitement and about the advantages of having a pathetically small number of customers. And, in the survey that was attached, I learned a lot of useful information about how to make this blog better. Since then, I've tried to make it a regular habit to collect real data about what you think. Welcome to the latest installment.

Since the last time, your support has been overwhelming: your ranks have grown almost a full order of magnitude. To all of you who've taken the time to subscribe, who have convinced a friend to subscribe, or even talked your co-workers into it, let me say thank you. Your support makes everything I do possible, and I won't ever get tired thanking you for it.

For those who have been readers for some time, the survey below will seem familiar. I sometimes use these surveys to test new product ideas and even to engage in some customer validation. Today is no exception. If you're curious, please take the survey to learn more. I don't want to say anything here that would bias the results.

As usual, I'll share what I learn and how it affects what I'm up to next. Thanks again for stopping by. Without further ado:
Click here to take survey
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