Thursday, November 12, 2009

New York: three straight days of Lean Startup (two of which are free)

Greetings from Europe, where I'm just wrapping up an incredible (and exhausting) speaking tour. I've been so busy with talks and travel that I haven't had much chance to post updates to the blog, but many of the events here have had video, and I will try and post details soon. Before I get to go home, I am doing a full week of events on the east coast in New York and Boston: five events in five days - if I survive.

For those who want to come see me at Web 2.0 Expo in New York, there's good news. Thanks to web2open, there are two Lean Startup sessions that are completely free and open to the public. We did similar events at the Expo in San Francisco, and had a lot of fun. (To get a preview, you can read my write up of that event here.) Here are details on the three New York events; registration details follow:
  • Monday, November 16 at 9:00am, we'll kick off the week with a Lean Startup Workshop. This will be an abbreviated three-hour version of the Master Class I've been doing with O'Reilly. (For those that want the full thing, there is one scheduled in New York on December 10.)
  • Tuesday, November 17 at 4:20pm, you can come get a 50-minute introduction to the lean startup theory and practice. This is a designated web2open hybrid session - which means you can attend for free even if you're not attending the rest of the conference. It's the only hybrid session happening on Tuesday. Unlike in San Francisco, the open Q&A session won't happen until the next day.
  • Wednesday, November 18 at 3:30pm you can come have all of your lean startup-related questions answered at a web2open session. Again, this is free and open to the public. I'm hoping this will also be an opportunity to organize a meeting of the New York Lean Startup Meetup. Stay tuned to their mailing list for details.
So, if you'd like to attend, please do as follows. Sign up at the Expo registration form here using the code webny09opn by Nov 15. You'll be offered a $100 discount on a full conference registration, but that is strictly optional. If you just want to come to the web2open unconference, you can register for free.

The Boston event at MIT on the 19th is already sold-out. On the 20th, I'm doing a lunchtime recap at Dog Patch Labs for Polaris Ventures (who are also a generous sponsor of the MIT talk); they have a few extra tickets to accommodate some additional people. Click here for details.

As always, if you're a reader, come say hello and introduce yourself after the event. And do keep the feedback coming - that's what makes these events worthwhile. And for those that can't make it, you can always follow along at the #leanstartup hashtag on Twitter.

And for those of you in San Francisco - the Lean Startup Cohort program is going to begin on December 17. Thanks to the many of you who have supported the idea, and especially to our brave early adopters!