Friday, June 28, 2013

Announcing the 2013 Lean Startup Conference

We’re excited to announce the 2013 Lean Startup Conference, December 9 - 11 in San Francisco. As the Lean Startup movement grows and matures, the conference does, too, this year expanding and changing in a number of ways—based almost entirely on things that our attendees have asked for.

We’ll talk in a minute about some of the new features of the conference, but first, let’s look at the conference themes. This year, in addition to featuring the types of talks you’ve found useful in the past—founder stories, MVP case studies, pivot discussions—we’re also layering in new topics that you’ve told us you’re grappling with, including:

  • Emerging strategies that maturing companies have tested to keep innovation at the core of their businesses
  • Unexpected challenges faced by entrepreneurs implementing Lean Startup practices around the world; and
  • The particular opportunities for Lean Impact among non-profit and mission-driven organizations

In order to offer a deeper dive on the topics most useful to you, we’ve added a day to the conference. So this year, on both December 9 and 10, we’ll have a mix of keynotes and breakouts with targeted how-to talks. Breakouts are new for The Lean Startup Conference, representing one of the strongest pieces of feedback we’ve gotten: you want sessions that provide more in-depth advice about strategies, tactics and tools you can apply the day you get home from the conference. On December 11, an optional extra day for attendees, we’ll also offer half-day workshops on select topics and site visits to startups around San Francisco. Last year, that extra day of the conference included some of the elements you liked most. On December 12 and 13, we’re partnering again with Lean Startup Machine for two additional (and intense) days of applied learning.

One of the other things we’ve heard loud and clear is that you want more ways to meet other attendees at the conference. This year, we’ll not only provide a useful app to help with just that problem, but we’re also baking into the program interesting networking and mentoring sessions. We’ll have more detail on those events later this summer, but do know that we’re putting considerable effort into shaping that aspect of the conference.

Somehow, we’re more than halfway through this post, and we haven’t yet mentioned our incredible speakers. Again, taking a cue from your feedback, we’ve sought out super-useful stories from people you don’t already know from the Lean Startup speaking circuit (like Netia McCray, Valerie Gofman and Ari Gesher, to name just a few), and their talks form the core of the program. We’re also bringing back a few of our most popular speakers from last year (Stephanie Hay, Diane Tavenner and more), asking them to shed new light on the epiphanies they shared in 2012. And, of course, we’re sprinkling in the best Lean Startup experts—the people who deliver fresh, relevant advice every time out (Kent Beck, Alistair Croll, Laura Klein, we could go on here). Here’s the coolest thing: our site today lists just about a third of the speakers and mentors we’re bringing to you this year—so it’s starting off great, and it’s going to get better.

One other piece of feedback you gave us: last year's venue was too crowded. We've upgraded to a large theater, the Nob Hill Masonic Center, and the neighboring Fairmont Hotel, which will give us a lot more elbow room. Should be more like flying first-class, less like coach.

What does a ticket include? The General Admission Pass includes the two-day conference (December 9 - 10), and access to events those days for connecting with other attendees. The Gold Pass gets you those things, plus a third day of hands-on workshops and startup site visits around San Francisco (December 11). The VIP Pass includes all of that, plus Lean Startup Machine (December 12 - 13), reserved seating at the main conference, first dibs on limited seating lunches and other goodies. In addition, we’ve set aside a number of deeply discounted, no-frills scholarship passes for people who couldn’t otherwise afford to attend: students, bootstrappers and very early stage startups. If that's you, apply here.

Tickets are on sale now, and we sell them in batches: when one batch sells out, the price goes up. So the best deals are available today. Register now.