Sunday, May 3, 2009

Videos galore

Two new videos are online from recent speeches. The first is my talk on engagement loops and the levers of engagement from the Kontagent/Facebook Developer Garage. Slides from this talk are available here. For more on the subject of engagement loops, you can read my original essay here.

5. Eric Ries - Engagement Loops 3. Justin Smith - Social Gaming Trends - @ Kontagent / Facebook Dev Garage from albert lai on Vimeo.

(This also gives me a chance to clarify that I am no relation to the author of the classic book on positioning, Al Ries)

Next up, here's the video from my talk with Steve Blank at startup2startup. I've embedded the slides below the video feed.

Thanks for watching!
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  1. By the way, Albert Lai, who show one of the videos above, helped guide my questions when I interviewed you. Great guy.