Sunday, May 17, 2009

Last chance to register for The Lean Startup at HP on May 21

This coming Thursday, May 21, is the last time I'm currently scheduled to give the full Lean Startup presentation in the Bay Area. The event is being sponsored by SIPA but will be open to the public. Last I heard from the venue, there are still some seats available; the ticket cost is only $25 if you register online.

Here's their write-up of the event:
We have heard that recessions are the best time to start your own startup. For entrepreneurs who have been on the path, it may be straight forward to get started. What about the rest of us? There are so many engineers with bright ideas, but don't know how to start.

The current macroeconomic climate presents unparalleled opportunities for those that can thrive with constrained resources. Many startups are now following the Lean Startup process. The Lean process was created by Toyota in the 50s. The Lean Startup embodies similar principles as applied to the startup process. The Lean Startup is a practical approach for creating and managing a new breed of company that excels in low-cost experimentation, rapid iteration, and true customer insight.

Eric Ries, a co-founder of IMVU, is a strong proponent of this process and very successfully used it at IMVU. He will share the key principles of making sure you get your startup idea off the ground and stay on course.

If you are an engineer with bright ideas, consider Lean Startup to build confidence while building your startup.

1. Identify a profitable business model faster and cheaper than your competitors.

2. Continuously discover what customers want to buy before building or making follow-on investments in new features.

3. Ship new software at a dizzying pace: multiple times a day while improving quality and lowering costs.

4. Build a company-wide culture of decision-making based on real facts, not opinions.

You can register online here.

The event itself will be held on the HP campus in Cupertino, from 6-8:30pm. As always, if you're a reader and happen to be there, please do come say hello. If you have any questions, please post them as comments to this entry. I'll do my best to see that they are addressed.

As a reminder, slides and audio from the Web 2.0 Expo debut of this talk are available online, too. Hope to see you there.
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