Friday, November 9, 2012

The Platinum Pass Is About to Sell Out

In the past, The Lean Startup Conference was a one-day event. This year, we’ve included a second day for workshops and startup site visits. Plus we had so many good speaking candidates this year, we’ve just added Ignite: Lean Startup, an extra evening of talks.

But wait--there's more! We're excited to partner this year with 500 Startups' Warm Gun design/UX conference and LeanStartup Machine to offer five incredible days of learning and networking in San Francisco. Only the Platinum Pass gets you access to all of the events and activities, and there are just a few left. In fact, Lean Startup Machine is sold out as a standalone event; the only way to get in is with our Platinum Pass, and the weekend's winner gets a speaking slot at the December 3 conference.

The Platinum Pass includes, in chronological order:

We've been talking up The Lean Startup Conference for months, and we'll be announcing the full program shortly. Here's a taste of what you can expect from Warm Gun and Lean Startup.
At Warm Gun, the focus is on measurable design. As the site explains: “From successful startups to iconic brands, design has been critical in converting visitors into customers, and customers into raving, loyal fans.” Fans of the conference rave, too. Joshua Porter loved his experience at Warm Gun last year, saying, “I just returned from Dave McClure’s excellent Warm Gun Conference, and I haven’t been this excited to be a designer in a while."

Lean Startup Machine, a weekend-long Lean Startup jam, aims to “prevent the world’s smartest people from wasting time building things nobody wants.” Zeb Dropkin, founder of RentHackr, participated recently and reported back: “The amount of quality learning around real live product challenges blew me away. When we got stuck, the mentors provided invaluable guidance and helped us iterate and catch another cycle of outstanding productivity. The people on my team were amazing and far exceeded my expectation in skills and professionalism. I want to get another LSM under my belt to level up as soon as possible!"

With just a few slots left, the Platinum Pass will sell out quickly. Register today to take advantage of this unprecedented week of events for designers, innovators, and entrepreneurs.

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