Monday, September 14, 2009

International tour about to begin

For my international readers: are you in Washington DC, Paris, Barcelona, London, Amsterdam, Malmo, or even Oulu, Finland? Then you'll have a chance to come discuss the lean startup live and in-person. (What's that you say? DC is actually not a separate country? Fascinating...)

The trip will happen in two separate trips. The first (DC, London for Seedcamp, Amsterdam for PICNIC) is first, with the Geeks on a Plane tour, September 18-25. Each event will feature a cool mix of Bay Area and local speakers (and me, too). Come join us if you can.

I then head back to the USA for a free and open-to-the-public lecture at Stanford University for their Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Seminar on September 30.

Next up is a second swing through Europe. Exact dates for all events aren't yet pinned down, but here's what I'm working on so far: October 28 for a TBA event in Paris, November 2-7 for a series of events in Malmo, Sweden including ├średev, and ending with a workshop at the Martti Ahtisaari Institute of Global Business and Economics at the University of Oulu.

I'll keep you all posted as more details get added. As always, if you're a reader and can make it to one of these events, please come say hello. Continually love hearing your feedback!


  1. You should make a stop in Tel Aviv! I think there are more enterpreneurs per capita here than anywhere else!

  2. It would be great to see you in Madrid!

  3. Any chance seeing you in Kiev, Ukraine?

    We'll have IDCEE conf on October 28-29, If you could come any other day we'll organize small event at #kievstartup community.


  4. You mention Barcelona in the first sentence, but then after you don't say anything about where and when you will be speaking at in that city...