Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fall speaking tour starts tomorrow

Tomorrow morning, I hop on a plane to Boulder, Colorado to kick off the largest speaking tour I've ever attempted. I'm doing my best to keep the sidebar of events updated, for those that are interested in coming. I'll continue to post updates, slides, and video as I get them.

After Colorado, in September I'll be in DC for Gov 2.0 Summit - my first of two trips to DC. The second trip to DC will come a week later as part of Geeks on a Plane Europe. The exact itinerary hasn't been announced yet, but it will include a stop at Seedcamp in London. Back in the US, I'm really honored to be giving the Entrepreneurial Thought Leader lecture at Stanford on Sep 30.

Most of October will be taken up by a second trip to Europe. I don't have cities and dates to announce yet, so stay tuned. That trip should culminate in a week of events around Oredev in Sweden the first week of November. I'll announce details as soon as they are confirmed.

In November, I'm doing two events at the Web 2.0 Expo NYC, immediately followed by an event or two in Boston - details to be announced. On December 10, we'll have the third Lean Startup workshop with O'Reilly, also in NYC. There'll be a November tech talk at Facebook, for those of you in Palo Alto. Unconferences? We've got those too - please say hello if you make it to foo camp or The Lobby.

And, just to give a sneak peak, in February I'll be traveling down under. Can't say any more, yet, but will have details announced soon.

Given that so many of the travel logistics are still up in the air, if you're interested in hosting an event nearby one of these stops, please get in touch. I'll do my best to accommodate. And, as always, if you're a reader and can attend, please come say hello. Bring your tough questions and your feedback. I really value both.

One last note. Some of these events are expensive, some are free. For the costly ones, I'm doing my best to make scholarships available. Joe Mathes set a great example by sponsoring a ticket to the Boulder workshop out of sheer generosity. Thanks, Joe! If you're interested in sponsoring or in seeking a scholarship, just drop me an email.

Hope to see you soon!


  1. The Thought Leadership talks are awesome. Looking forward to that one. Any chance you'll be in SoCal?

  2. Great talk tonight. Thanks for coming to Boulder with such an insightful presentation.


  3. Eric - both the dinner and the workshop were wonderful, and I'm excited to put your concepts into action ASAP. Looking back at my previous experiences, it's easy to see how my successes came when i was inadvertently following a model close to your lean startup methodology, and my failures came from times when I was far removed from this model.

    I encourage every entrepreneur to not only learn more about the lean startup, but to also find ways to immediately take small steps to put these plans into action in your company. Unless you like wasting time and effort, of course :-)