Monday, July 6, 2009

Lean Startup fbFund slides and video

As a follow-up to my previous post on my talk for fbFund at Facebook, there was enough interest in watching video of the talk that I have finally uploaded it using Apple's MobileMe. There are three sizes of video available here; I've embedded the medium quality below. Because the Flip was set at a bad angle, you can't see the slides too well. I've embedded them via slideshare below the video, so you can follow along at home, if you'd like.

Edit: I finally got YouTube upload working, which has better embedding options than MobileMe. If you want to see the original video, use the link above.

Slides are below:

Before I close, let me quote just one additional bit of twitter feedback from one of the video beta-testers:
bmeschke: @ericries This is such GREAT information. A lot of it i have heard before, but your presentation is so clear.

bmeschke: @ericries @KhuramMalik has been trying to convince me of ur pov and i saw the value, but ur 2 startups example really gives in perspective.
I really value feedback like this; it keeps me going when I have doubts. I worry sometimes about making this blog too much into a travelogue or journal of my public events. My goal is to make everything I post here a substantive contribution to the larger entrepreneurship discussion; I hope to live up to that more often than not. As always, I welcome your feedback. If you have thoughts about the right balance of news, events, and commentary, feel free to leave it as a comment or drop me an email. I truly appreciate your support.

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  1. Mr Ries,

    Thank you for this post and the PowerPoint slides.

    I wanted to ask you, does this method work for service based startups as well? Say you're not creating a product but doing a service?

    Im currently working on doing video tutorials for technophobes, and while i understand the value of customer feedback, would charging from day one still apply? Say even if i only have literally a handful of videos?

    I'm glad the feedback inspired you to keep going. I first saw you on Mixergy, and that site has been invaluable to me as an Entrepreneur who has made every mistake under the sun, but as you very well know Entrepreneurship has so many dimensions, and being able to understand the practical equivalents of ideas being discussed over there are important.

    From my side, i network with many startups all the time, and i am constantly trying to persuade them to adopt the new age mindset, but its often no easy task. Im also in this for the long term and realise they may need to fail a few times before the message really hits home. But aside from that, in your mind is there anything i can do, should be doing, or you would like me to do to get this message out there?

    (apart from the obvious of sharing the post)

  2. Eemo, thanks for the compliment. Glad my work helped you get to know Eric's message.

  3. wow this blog is god awful.. hope your app is better..

  4. Hi Eric

    Thanks for the post/vid/slides - easy to follow and use together.

    I've been involved with a number of startups in hands on roles, as a coach and as an investor and have seen a number struggle (and fail) for the very reasons you raise.

    Its also frustrating how some founders see ANY form of struture/approach as limiting and go to the total reverse of waterfall by just doing what they were told by "their wifes friend"

    This is great and practical stuff...will make sure I pass it on and use in my discussions (giving credit to you!)

    Hope to get to one of the events in the fall.

    Keep up the good work

  5. Wow the file is a gig and is going to take 7 hours to download! Could someone reupload to one of the video sites mobileme doesn't seem to be friendly for large files or non-US downloaders . . .

  6. Rory, just for you I managed to get Veoh to work:

    Do those links work?

  7. Thanks for the youtube upload Eric. I think I'll make this required watching for my team! Keep up the good work.