Friday, May 20, 2011

This Weekend

The next couple of days are going to be amazing, as the Lean Startup community converges on San Francisco. I want to welcome all of you who are traveling to be here. Welcome to our fair city. There are only a few tickets left to Startup Lessons Learned 2011 on Monday (May 23). If you haven't registered yet, please do. As a reminder, the first 200 people to show up will get one of the very first copies of the Lean Startup Book, a pre-publication printed galley. If you can't make it to San Francisco, I'll also post an updated list of simulcast venues below.

If you're in town Saturday night, you'll want to stop by Ignite: Lean Startup, a community-run event that features a number of new voices in the Lean Startup community. Ignite is a fun format of five-minute talks plus some drinking. There are only a few tickets left for this event as well. Here's the official description and lineup:

Join us for an evening of Lean Startup talks with a twist. Each brave presenter gets five minutes and 20 slides--which advance automatically every 15 seconds. Fast-paced, thought-provoking and social, this Ignite features presentations from in-the-trenches entrepreneurs ready to share their lessons learned. Also: booze. 
The evening's slate: 
20 Ways to Not Build StuffCindy Alvarez. Product management and customer development, KISSmetrics. @cindyalvarez 
Petabytes on a Budget - How to Beat the Big Guys (and Build Cheap Cloud Storage)Gleb Budman. Co-founder, Backblaze. @budmang 
Building Community:  Champions, Cheerleaders and ComradesKimberly Dillon. Founder, House of Mikko. @prettylittleceo 
Scaling Lean Thinking in a Fast-growing StartupRob Fan. Co-founder and CTO, Sharethrough. @rfan622 
How Listening to Customers Helped Us Raise $700K in Seed FundingMariya Genzel. Co-founder and CTO, Saygent. @mashagenzel 
How $40 Saved Us Nine Months and $2MMPaul Howe. Founder, BlueSpark. @phdc 
Flip 'n' LearnShivani Khanna. Intrapreneur and Fliptoaster, W3i. @sk_shivani 
Making Good Use of Fake DoorsJess Lee. Co-founder, Polyvore. @jesskah 
UltraLean: Building Products Without a Dev TeamSandeep Sood. Founder, Monsoon and Badmash. @soodsandeep 
How I Set Out to Kill E-Mail but Ended Up Building An E-Mail ClientTK. Founder, Tout. @tawheed
Your MC: Tony Stubblebine. Founder, Crowdvine. @tonystubblebine
Also happening this weekend is the latest installment of Lean Startup Machine, the weekend hackathon. It's already sold out, but if you want to come by and see what the teams are up to, they'll be in the Mission all weekend. One caveat: if you come by, you are automatically volunteering to be subjected to some intense customer development. For some of my thoughts on Lean Startup Machine, see A month is fifteen weekends and The real entrepreneurs of New York City.

One of my goals in creating the Startup Lessons Learned event is to foster entrepreneurial communities around the world, not just in Silicon Valley. That's why we offer the event for free simulcasting, and why we ask people to physically attend a simulcast in their local community, rather than offering it for live streaming at your desk. When entrepreneurs get together, they have an opportunity to support each other, discover new ideas, and share what's working and what's not working in their startup hub. This is an important part of the startup renaissance that is happening around the world, and I am really happy to be able to play a small part in fostering it. 

The response this year has been overwhelming. We have more than 90 simulcast locations set up, and more are coming in every day. For an up-to-date list, you can always check Here's the latest list:

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